Need an animation?

Want to bring your content to your audience in a simple and creative way for more interaction, leads and sales volume?

Do we really need an animation?

If you are asking yourself 'why do I need this service?' you are not asking yourself the right question and we would really like to talk with you. The question you should be asking would be 'how much does it cost to not invest in an animation?'. We are saying this because video and animation converts way more leads and is the strongest way for companies and organisations to grow!


The revenue of marketers who invest in video grows with 49% in comparison with those who do not use an (animated) video.


Website visitors spend 88% more time on a page when it has a (animated) video on it.


With video you make a lasting impression and you build up to 95% more trust with your customers.

Examples of our work

Click on the picture to watch the video!

What does it cost?

Animation is always custom made, no matter how you look at it. That is why there are so many possibilities and ways of how an aniation will look. The costs of a project can vary based on factores like the style of the animation, the number of animations, the complexity of the story, the duration and many more.

That said, our 2D-animation packages start at around €1.495 and can go up to araound €7.500 for an over the top animation.

For a more detailed overview call us or click the button below to see which package is right for you!

Our way of working

How do we make an animation for you and for what and when do we need your input? Read our sheep way of working below!

1. Intake

We communicate by (video)calling and email. This way the process will go faster and smoother.

2. Concept

Based on our intake we will make you a script and fitting storyboard.

3. Approved!

After you approved the script and storyboard we will start making the illustrations, start animating and order a voice-over.

4. Fine-tuning

Alsmost done! We will send you the animation. You can give us feedback and we will process this for you. If everthing is done, we will send you the final animation.

5. Show it!

Your animation is ready to be shown to the world, like a new born lamb... Je can now publish it! (Having trouble with this? Come in contact and we will help you).

We are here for you!

Do not know which animation will fit you or having doubts? In a short 15 minutes talk we will advise you... for free!


What is the ideal length for an animation?

The ideal length for an animation depends on your goal. Do you need an animaiton for promotional purpose on social media? Then we advise to stick under 60 seconds. Do you need one to explain your idea in detail, then it would be best to go for 90 to 180 seconds instead. We will always advise you depending on the platform you choose to tell your story.

What is the best formula for creating an awesome animated video?

A great animation = a clear message + the right illustrations + a good voice-over + fitting music and sound effects + a top of the notch animator!

Can I give you my own script an storyboard?

Of course you can give us your own script and or storyboard. We would love to hear your ideas and what you have in mind! We will look at them and give you feedback. We will notify you if it is suited for an animation and if it will help you bring your message across. If you are not a master (yet) and need some help, our storyteller sheep will make it a fitting script and storyboard, so no worries! This way you will always have the best endresult! 

If I order more animations at once, will the total price be lower?

The answer is yes! But this is only possible if you order multiple animations at once. This way we can bundle all our strength and make more time to finish all your animations at once. This way the costs will go down. For example, the voice-over can be recorded at once so it will be cheaper. If you choose for your own custom illustration style, all your next animations will be cheaper because we already have that illustration style ready for you, we will not have to make it from scratch anymore. An exception is if you want to expand the illustration pack. More illustrated parts = more work = more time!

We staan voor je klaar!

Weet je nog niet welke animatie bij jou past of twijfel je nog ergens over?
In een kort gesprek van 15 minuten adviseren wij jou gratis en voor niets.