About us

Our grand vision

The most humane means of communication we have are video and animation. We know the importance and power of animated content but understand that not everybody has a high budget. That is why Home of the Brave proudly presents Sheep Animation.

We understand that not everybody has the big budget to make an animation. That made us think, how can we reduce the costs of an animation? We did not want to economize on the quality to engage interns or juniors because that will reduce the quality of the animation. It should not be the case that a ‘cheaper animation’ is by definition worse in quality. So we choose to change the production process. For example, there are fewer contact moments and we work with tighter schedules. 

Sheep Animation is a brand by Home of the Brave, therefore the quality of the animations will never be lost. The same skilled illustrators and animators will work for you so you will always get the best!

All the sheep in the barn

Curious about the shepherds who keep our sheep restrained? Get to know them and their unique characteristics.

Illustrator sheep


Just loves to hold a pencil and draw characters all day.

El chabi


Dreaming and fantasizing about stories and opportunities.

El grande


Making sure every story has the highest quality in every aspect.

Animator sheep


Makes everything move on your screen untill it is funny and interesting.

Project shepherd


Guides all the sheeps through the valley safely.

Designer sheep


Designs the perfect valley and keeps all the other sheep fat and hairy.

Our way of working

We can finish your animation in just five working days (the working days of the unicorn package will we discussed)! We work with three different packages, completely in style with our brand. We have Shaved Sam, Plain Pete and Winner Will in our stables. All three have the following working method:

1. Intake

We will only communicate through (video)calls and e-mail with you to keep the speed of the production.

2. Script and storyboard

Based on the intake we will make a script and a storyboard.

3. Go!

After you agree on the script and storyboard we will start making the illustrations. Then we will start animating and order your the voice-over.

4. Fine tuning

Almost done! We will send you the final product in which you will see everything come together.

5. Jump into the world

After your feedback we will process the adjustments and send you the final animation so you can publish and distribute your fresh and new animation! Having difficulties or do not know how to distribute it in the best way possible? Just contact us!